Mother’s Day 2016

This will be my last year as a mother of kids in their single digits. By next year Jack will be 10. Every year he gets older. It makes me wonder when the Mother’s Day activities will change.

This year, I started the morning with cards and well wishes from the kids and Adam. The kids bought me some reflexology treatments and Adam got me a gift card to my favorite clothing shop – BCBG.DSC_0364

Then he went out and got lox and bagels for the family.

tapperAfterwards Jack and I headed over to the Temple for Hebrew School. Yes, I also go to Hebrew School. Going each week is such a treat it’s like having a mom treat every week. We sit around having adult conversation and contemplate the meaning of Torah translations. Having an intellectual pursuit is like itching an ancient scratch I forgot I had. The only part of my brain I exercise as a mom is the part whatever nervous waitresses who are constantly in the weeds use. I wake up every morning in a panic about how far behind I am then frantically try to do a million mindless tasks that all had to be done yesterday all while being interrupted by four kids with more urgent needs that need to be address instantly. I’m Tapper right before all the beer bottles start falling off the tables and the angry customers storm him.

I got a quick run in after my class and before I had to pick Jack up. That was a nice treat too.

Adam watched the other kids during all that and when I got back we switched. He went out for a run.  (He has started training for the Marathon again.)

I got the bubble blower out and all the kids went crazy. I love that Jack still finds it just as fun as the twins do. DSC_0377

Later I took the older boys to the park while Adam stayed back with Ben. Unfortunately it was too hard to him to join us. But it was a glorious afternoon for the other kids and I so enjoyed watching them make up their own silly games and frolic together in the budding weather.

Oz Park Selfie

Oz Park Selfie

Adam managed to convince Ben to meet us later for dinner. Food is a much more powerful motivator for Ben then playing in the park!

I was treated to dinner at our favorite Chinese/Sushi/Thai place. I still can’t get used to the fact that they combine all the Asian countries together as one in Chicago. That would be like going out to a Spanish/French/Italian Restaurant in China! Still it didn’t stop me from enjoying my Shanghainese dumplings alongside a plate of Sashimi and Lycheetini.IMG_3823 (1)

It was another successful Mother’s Day. As much as these kids can drive me nuts at times, I was very grateful to be spending the day with them.

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