Yep, I’ve got Shingles.

It started last week with a sore hip that won’t go away, then red bumps started appearing all over my leg.

Adam was googling my symptoms and became increasingly more alarmed. He thought it could be a staph infection. Or worse. “You have to go see your doctor tomorrow!”

Google can really alarm you if you let it.

My amazing new doctor, Jennifer Goldfarb, who just opened her own practice for women only and is now not only my general physician but also my OB/GYN, figured it out immediately.

Did you know that they have a vaccine for Shingles? But it’s only approved for ages 50 and up.

You know why? Because mostly people who are older, have weak immune systems or have a lot of stress in their lives are effected by it.

Uh, how many groups do I fit in?

It’s basically left over from the chicken pox. Once you have it never goes away, just lays dormant in your body and may show up again as Shingles. Who knew?

I hear it’s very painful but either I got a mild case or it just hasn’t gotten to the painful part yet. Right now it’s just a slight annoyance and perhaps a real life manifestation that I need to take better care of myself.

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