Jack’s Star War’s Party

This year Jack’s birthday landed on his actual birthday. He thought it was great, I wonder how many years it will take him to realize that actually sucks. You get treated special on your birthday anyway, might as well reserve a party to celebrate yourself for another time and extend the amount of time people celebrate your awesomeness!

This year Jack requested a Star Wars party. I was very excited to hear it. There is no shortage of things to do at a star wars party. In fact, I had to pare down to keep myself from going crazy.

We decided to send the kids on a Jedi Training Course.

I had it all planned out, and it was very organized. When they entered, much like Jack’s Harry Potter Party last year, they would have set activities to complete.IMG_2996

I made butter cookies from star wars cut outs.


Then set them up next too home made royal icing and lots of sprinkle choices.


Here is my ‘trash compactor’ with lego sets hidden inside:


And my Jedi Training Course:




We set up a bubble machine above this sign and put pool noodle light sabers next to it:



Last year they followed the activities in order and with zeal. This year they all walked in and ran loose. My many nights spend creating a theme and activities were thrown aside.

Still it wasn’t a total waste, they did do each activity eventually, just not in the orderly fashion I planned.

First they all ran downstairs and attacked the bubble machine like a bunch of ravers in a club.


Eventually they either settled into lego building or cookie making.



And everyone ate dinner, I think. This year the amount of people who chose to drop off increased dramatically so I hope I fed them all!

Pigs in a Blanket, Mac and Cheese, Taco Bar, Fruit and Veggies

Pigs in a Blanket, Mac and Cheese, Taco Bar, Fruit and Veggies

And everyone sang to Jack for his birthday. Adam was in charge of the cake again…

DSC_0741Afterwards we defeated the Death Star Pinyata.

DSC_0746I think this is the last year for pinyatas. Each year more and more kids cry over it and the truth is none of us need MORE sugar in our lives anyway.

Last year it was Jack crying because he got pushed out of the way before he got any candy. He remembered it this year and mentioned that he hoped he would get some candy this year, he was still hurt about it a year later.

I told him I wanted him to have lots of fun at his party, but I also wanted him to be a good host.

So this year when the candy grab was over, one of his friends was crying after the pinyata frenzy, Jack gave him his candy. It made me very proud.

Other random events I liked was when our friend Mark battled practically the entire group of kids single handedly.

DSC_0752 Aaron was crying when he left, he was having so much fun playing with him.


It was a great party and when it was all over, Jack still had presents and a sleep over to look forward to.


Happy Birthday Jack! Hope it was a great day.

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