Star of the Week

With all the holiday show hoopla, I forgot to mention that Ben had another very good week last week.

He was ‘Star of the Week’ in his kindergarten class and proudly filled out this poster about himself all on his own. He wouldn’t let me help write a single letter. I noticed for Jack’s Kindergarten ‘Star of the Week’ poster I wrote everything. (First time mom rookie mistake!)


Highlights include Ben’s chosen profession when he grows up: Lawyer and Police Man. Jack wanted to be a truck driver on his.

Ben’s favorite food is Egg Rolls, Jack’s was Sushi. Yes, I’ve managed to pass on that asian gene!

For the things he does at home her wrote “iPad and TMNT” (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and for the things he does at school he wrote “be good for treats”. Ha ha ha ha.

Finally, for his three supercool facts he wrote he can swim, he collected 1001 pieces of candy for Halloween, and he can do almost anything!

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