Peggy Notebaert Museum Visit

With the temperatures dropping into the teens this week it was time to sift through my mommy wallet (you know the one that is the size of a small purse and has enough card slots to paper a small country?) and see what museum memberships we had that had not yet expired.

Today we picked the Peggy Notebaert Museum. It had been long enough since our last visit that the room for temporary displays was new again. This time we got to see the “Rainforest Adventure”.

DSC_1003It was full of interactive things to see and do for the kids like the treehouse above.

Live Blue Macaw

Live Blue Macaw 

Family of stuffed animal Apes in a tree stump.

Family of stuffed animal Apes in a tree stump.

I forgot how perfect this museum was for little toddlers. It’s small enough that you can see all of it in a morning and still make it home in time for naps, it hardly ever gets overcrowded, there is a small gated playroom for when you just need to corral your kid/kids for a bit, and all the exhibits are friendly for really young kids.


Riverworks Exhibit

Extreme Green House

Extreme Green House Exhibit

Butterfly Exhibit

Butterfly Exhibit

I must admit we also had another ulterior motive for picking this particular museum today.


Surprise! Jack had a field trip here this morning as well. There is his look of shock when he realized the person calling his name from the balcony was his mother.

The twins thought it was super cool to crash Jack’s field trip and get to eat lunch with their big brother.

DSC_0021 - Version 2

Luckily Jack still thinks getting surprised by his mom and little brothers is kind of cool too. For now…


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