A Grand Pa

My father was in town all week.

We put him to work so much I’m scared he won’t ever come back.

He watched the twins all day last weekend so Adam and I could take the older boys to Great America. Then he helped our sitter, Angelica, watch them all night while Adam and I attended a wedding. Then the next day he helped me (Along with Bubbie and Grandpa Bill) cover all the kids so we could see Adam run the marathon and so Adam could conk out cold all afternoon after said marathon.

And more, so much more. I left him with the twins often to run. Adam and I went to lunch, dinner, and drinks numerous nights.

I picked the older boys up all week without having to wake the twins from their naps and cart them to two pick up spots.

Lego Building contest.

Lego Building contest.

He cleaned dishes, washed and folded clothes.

On the El to see Adam run the Marathon.

On the El to see Adam run the Marathon.

And still he somehow managed to do it all with humor and fun.

Aaron loved getting read to.

Aaron loved getting read to.

We still go around the table at dinner time and say what we are most grateful for that day. Jack’s gratefulness was often pointed toward Grandpa Devensky. He liked the ‘bomb’ ball game they played downstairs.

One day Jack tried to sell Grandpa a book of cars that he printed and colored in to him for $16 (He reasoned $2 a car was a good deal.) Everyone got in on the bargaining. Grandpa offered $3 for a limited time. Ben piped in with $1. Then Adam offered more money, but with the condition of cleaning the basement. In the end Jack chose Grandpa’s $3. Smart boy.

Did I mention he fractured his pelvis a few months ago then threw out his back a week before coming? He never complained about it.

He even wrote in Jack’s Wow Journal this week…

Guess the Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

Guess the Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

We miss you already Grandpa!

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