Age Differences

This summer I’m noticing just how hard it is to find something to do that suits all four of the kids ages.

A lot of the smaller parks that are perfect for watching the twins are boring for Jack.

And things that would be great for Jack like pump it up, bowling, or movies are too old for the twins.

I’m worried by next year there will be nothing they can all do together.

Today it was a bit rainy out so I took them to Explore and Much More. It says ages 0-8 on the website, but I don’t think Jack would enjoy this place in a years time. At 6, I feel we are already pushing it. Luckily today they all had fun. Well, Ben had a few moments of unhappiness, sharing is a tough lesson for him to learn at this age.

DSC_0998 DSC_0995 DSC_0987 DSC_0985

The last photo they were actually all sitting in the same place AT THE SAME TIME. This never happens. Whenever I take 4 kids out of the house, I always assume I will not have a second to myself.

“Bathroom Break” was the first thing that came to mind. Better do it while I can!

Afterwards we went to Lulu Belle’s for lunch. Mom treated us to a nice lunch. Chicago Mom tip: if you are planning to come here, kids eat free on Tuesdays.


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