Mom Arrives

Mom arrived this afternoon.

I leaned on Anjelica for one more full day, and once again she complied. I am the luckiest mom alive. She is so incredibly helpful. I left her with a messy house and when I walked Mom in this afternoon it was all clean.

Part of the reason I wanted Anjelica so early was so I could take another class at Sweet Mandy Bs. This time they were making Volcano cakes. And this time Jack joined us.

DSC_0801The cake didn’t explode, but I think it will make your gut explode later. It was a triple layer cake, stuck together with icing, then covered in chocolate icing, then topped with orange, red, and green icing, and red jelly. Then we iced dinosaur cookies, dipped them in sprinkles and added them to the cake too. I think if you go to Sweet Mandy B’s and order a cake this size and 2 cookies it would cost more than the fee for the class. Amazing.

After a trip to MacDonalds (Damn MacDonalds for giving our Despicable Me 2 minions. We have to keep going to get them all!), we headed over to the airport to get Japo.

She got a good haul from her mango tree this year. The twins found them right away.

DSC_0803These are no ordinary mangos. They are Bombay Mangos. They taste like mango custard. They don’t have strings in them. I am getting hungry just thinking about them, even though I just stuffed my face with volcano cake.

Here is the pickings she brought up…

DSC_0804My kitchen smells like heaven. Like a fragrant tropical honey.

The boys were all very excited to see her. And she was even more excited to see them. They all wasted no time reconnecting.

DSC_0810 DSC_0812

And Adam and I also wasted no time using the free babysitting to reconnect as well…

At J Parker, Roof top Bar

At J Parker, Roof top Bar

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