The Pirate Park

This afternoon I decided to try a bigger park with the four kids. Anjelica was there to help, but I picked this specific park because I wanted to see just how hard it would be if I wanted to take all the kids there by myself.

So far I only feel comfortable with the four kids outside the house in very few places. We have a park near our house where I can cover them all. It’s very small and you can see your kids from every angle. Unfortunately a park that small is really only appropriate for very little kids, already Ben is bored by it. Jack has been over it for years.

So, after the rain cleared we headed to Supera Park.

For the first ten minutes they all played nicely in the sandbox. I had time to sit and chat with Anjelica. I thought maybe, just maybe I could be here alone. It was a great park. Big enough for the older kids but small enough so I can see them all almost all the time.


This peace lasted for about 10 minutes. Soon Jack and Ben were off and running to the play structures. Jack was throwing his splash balls in a left over puddle. Ben had taken his shoes off and was running wild.

Anjelica and I find it easiest at places like this to each watch a twin and the older boys get overseen ad hoc.

Jack spent some time hissing at a group of girls. I’m not sure if they were flattered or disgusted. Ben joined in and started shoving. He got a few time outs for that.

Anjelica grabbed Sam just as he was trying to climb down backwards from a 10 foot drop.

Next thing I knew I looked over and Ben was prancing around completely naked.

“I’m Mr. Naked Pants!” He yelled, running over and grinning at me.

“Okay Ben, Mr. Naked Pants only lives at home. He’s not allowed in the park….” I replied as I forced clothes on his flailing, protesting body.

My little monkeys.

My little monkeys.

Jack spent a lot of time playing with the twins. He’s actually pretty good at it. They have their own private jokes that I have no idea why they are funny. He has incredible patience for the ‘game’ where they hand a toy back and forth to each other over and over again.


Jack and Aaron


Sliding with Sam

In the end I realized that there was NO WAY I could have done this without Anjelica. Even without the older kids, it’s just too dangerous to have two kids that are the twins age running around without constant supervision. Unless I tether them together, they are in danger.

Every single day I have her, I am so grateful for Anjelica.

Every single day I have her, I am so grateful for Anjelica.

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