A Surprise Visit from Jackie

You ever hear people say everything happens for a reason? I’m not sure if that is positive people’s way of justifying bad things, or if it’s really true.

This Saturday night we were suppose to be on an adult scavenger hunt for Jack’s school. We bought the tickets ages ago but never booked the sitter. By the time we remembered, it was too late. We couldn’t find anyone to baby sit.

Adam said it was for the best because Jack had a baseball game that he wouldn’t miss for our plans. But it was even better when we had an unexpected surprise visit from Adam’s cousin Jackie.

“Jackie?” Ben’s ear’s perked up. Yes Ben, we have a REAL Jackie in our family.

He was so excited to meet this female cousin who was blessed with his coveted name that he didn’t even get upset that he was missing Jack’s baseball game.

Yes, we have a Jack and a Jackie. The Jewish tradition of naming your kids after relatives is strong in this family. And Adam’s Grandfather, Jack, was one of those rare people who fit all the criteria – good name, good person, and deceased.

She was here with her boyfriend, Mark. I immediately warmed to Mark when I heard he was a fellow world traveller. He is originally from Pennsylvania but has lived in Africa, Germany and Mauritius as well as travelled to countless other places in the world. Anyone who has that bug, the one where you actually enjoy submersing yourself in another culture with all the joys and frustrations it can bring, is someone I can relate to. And one day, we may even be related as well! Okay, that was corny, sorry.

Not only do they live together, but they are also starting this new business venture together as well.

Jackie was visiting Chicago while on a bit of a tour for the new company. I’m not sure how far along they are but it’s a very cool concept and hopefully I’ll be able to tell you all about it soon.

With her Ivy league education and real world business acumen and his computer skills and internet start up experience they make a formidable team.

They also endeared me with their story, which was as unlikely as Adam and my own. They met at a conference then had a crazy thought to just meet up in France for 10 days. They have been together ever since, and when they were visiting on Saturday night, they looked like two halves of a whole. It was noticeable not only when they talked, but Jackie is a little thing, like me, and tucked in perfectly just under Mark’s chin.

I’m not sure our presence was received with such ardor from their side. From the moment they arrived Ben, Sam and Aaron all jumped on them begging for attention. Ben pushed books and toys in their faces while the twins did their signature move of lifting their arms and whining until they were picked up.

DSC_0174Then later, after putting the twins to sleep and dressing the older boys in their superhero jammies, Ben jumped on her on the couch, grabbed Jackie’s breasts and yelled, “HULK SMASH!”.

I hope we didn’t scare them away from having kids.

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1 thought on “A Surprise Visit from Jackie

  1. Aggghhh. You are so good at consistently blogging. I love reading about the boys and all that the Calisoff crew is up to. I try to blog once a month and that sometimes escapes me!

    The boys are getting so big and you are doing an amazing job. I love your honesty and as always, your humor.

    Much love to you all!

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