Another Hectic Day

The morning started at 5:15am. Only this time it was not one of the kids waking me up, it was Adam.

He was getting up this early by choice. He was running the Soldier Field 10 race. If you are into running, it’s definitely one of the cooler races in Chicago. You end the race on the 50 yard line of Soldier Field, where the Chicago Bears play.

It was a good thing the race was so early, because we needed it to be over so we could make it to the suburbs for a Bar Mitzvah at 10am.

Planning was very precise. I packed everything I could and showered the night before. This morning Anjelica arrived at 8:30am. I exited 15 minutes later, and circled the streets just north of the race until I spotted Adam. Then we drove straight to Northbrook.

Adam changed in a parking lot 5 minutes from the Temple. His ‘bath’ consisted of a full body wipe down with baby wipes. Now every single member of our house has been given a bath this way, a method introduced to me by my friend Heather in Alaska who didn’t have kids at the time, and also didn’t have running water.

We made it to the temple just as the ceremony was starting. Payton Isberner was getting bar mitzvahed. His father and Adam have been friends since high school. Trips, shared jobs, bowling teams, racing competitions, and so much more. They have been a part of each other’s lives forever, but perhaps nothing says how deep it runs more than the fact that they were both the best man for each other’s weddings.

It was a beautiful ceremony. Payton gave a poignant yet humorous speech about the importance of his Tzedakah. Often, as part of their bar mitzvah, children will do an act of charity, called Tzedakah. He spent time volunteering at an Alzheimer’s facility.

Payton with his cousins Holly and Erin.

Payton with his cousins Holly and Erin.

I couldn’t help but relate it to our own lives. Jack is half way to having his own bar mitzvah. If the next 6 years go as quickly as these 6 years went, that will feel like it’s happening practically tomorrow.

With Vonda and Michelle.

With Vonda and Michelle.

Afterwards we were treated to Kaddish by the Isberners. It was great to see some friends I haven’t seen in a while. Sober. I think the last time I stood next to these two (see photo to the left) they were propping me up for my 40th birthday celebration.

Then off in the car again. I drove while Adam sat in the passenger seat in his suit, with his metal from the race around his neck, taking a work phone call. Talk about multitasking.

We arrived home, I relieved Anjelica (who seemed surprisingly unstressed about the entire day) while Adam worked for another hour in the car. I packed up the kids again and then we were off to Hamish’s 3rd Birthday. Adam barely had time to get out of his suit. Oh, and he took another call while I drove over.

More multi-tasking!

More multi-tasking!

Pam outdid herself, as usual. She put out a huge spread of yummy food for a very thoughtful monster themed party…



Store bought cakes made special with Pam's creative touches.

Store bought cakes made special with Pam’s creative touches.

There were also home made monster balloons that I caught the kids carelessly popping in the basement. And probably more that I missed because I was too busy chasing the twins.

And now my friends, I think it’s time to sit on the couch and prop my feet up for a few minutes. Soon it will be time to go to sleep, then wake up and do it all over again.

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