Never a Dull Moment

Yesterday the twins turned one. We decided to celebrate today so I have a long post locked and loaded where I wax poetic about how cute they are. I planned to follow it with the proverbial photo of them covered in their first taste of frosting.

But, instead of the planned celebration, Ben fell out of the window waiting for Bubbie to arrive and half the party went to the emergency room.

When they took Ben he was in hysterics, but Adam smartly thought to undress him and take a look. We didn’t notice anything alarming, but I did find it scary that he was gibbering nonsense and wailing for so long.

I’m happy to report by the time they got checked in he was back to his normal self, ordering Bubbie around and dancing so much he set the heart sensors off and had all the nurses running.

They didn’t even bother to X-ray him. Anyone that happy can’t be seriously hurt.

Cupcakes for breakfast, anyone?

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