My Underwear Drawer

The universe has a really good sense of humor.

It seems like every time I start a sentence with “I never…” as in “I’ll never be the kind of mother that screams at their kids in public” or “I’ll never let my babies cry themselves to sleep” it comes back and bites me in the butt. Like someone or something is out there listening to me make judgements on other people and secretly planning retribution.

So perhaps I shouldn’t have been so superior when it comes to my sister’s house keeping skills. Whenever my mother visits her, she cleans out her entire kitchen.

“Three jars of peanut butter were open AT THE SAME. Can you believe it?” My mother would call and tell me later.

My kitchen would never be that disorganized, I thought. So there is no way my mother will be rummaging through my kitchen cabinets rearranging it to her liking.

Which is true. Mom always said I keep an organized kitchen. Unfortunately, my clean kitchen is exactly how I found myself across the kitchen table from this this afternoon…


Having your mother reorganize your underwear and socks is much, much worse than her organizing your kitchen.

“Do you wear these, Nikki?” She asks while holding up a black thong.

She was so proud of herself that she suggested she organize Adam’s underwear drawer tomorrow…

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