Let the Memories Begin

Yesterday, while cleaning out a drawer in the kitchen, I stumbled upon some of our paraphernalia from our trip to Disney. I was saving it in the hopes of making a scrap booking, shadow box frame of our trip there for the older boys.

I just love the slogan, “Let the Memories Begin.” Even though ironically, at 3 years old, Ben probably won’t have any memory of it at all!

Memory is such a fickle thing.

I few months ago, after doing a scavenger hunt from the tooth fairy to Jack, I called up my father to thank him for the idea. Money under the pillow was a rarity. He would design elaborate means for me to find my money. One time the scavenger hunt led to the bottom of the pool. Another time I had to open up box after increasingly smaller box until I found it.

He didn’t remember doing these for me. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, he was always thinking of ways to amuse and delight us. Like the birthday I woke up in the tent I’d asked for.

He did, however, remember a scavenger hunt I did for him when he and my mother first separated. I went to his new house when he wasn’t home and created a scavenger hunt for him to find a note I’d written him. Unfortunately I had no recollection of that.

Perhaps it’s human nature that you don’t remember the nice things you’ve done for people but when people do nice things for you it’s forever etched in your heart. Or maybe it’s Devensky nature.

Either way it occurred to me that the Disney slogan can apply to our house, all of our houses as well.

Will they remember all the little memories we make every day?

Lately we’ve been having a dance party every night after dinner…

Dance Party USA!

Dance Party USA!

What are we listening to that makes us look like this every night?

Stuff we heard at the bowling alley, “Sugar, Sugar” by the Archies, “Who let the Dogs Out” by Baha Men and “We Built this City on Rock and Roll” by  Starship.

Also stuff from movies, “Life is a Highway” from Cars by Rascal Flatts and “How Bad Can I Be?” from the Lorax by Ed Helms.

And more. We did a heritage mat for Ben’s school which included Mom’s Jamaican roots, which meant we recently added, “Don’t worry be Happy” & “No Woman No Cry” by Bob Marley and “Tiney Winey” by Byron Lee.

Or what about our after bath memories?

For many months after the bath I would wrap the boys in their towels and carry them to the bed to dry off. I would pretend they were my presents. Then I would unwrap them and act surprised that someone got me a Jack or Ben! Exactly what I wanted! Finally I would tell why this Jack or Ben was so special and perfect to me.

Recently this game has morphed into them pretending they are rocks every night…

My 'rocks'.

My ‘rocks’.

Adam has his own ritual with the older boys.  When he tucks them in at night, he lets them pick 2 books each every night. Jack always picks the same book “Happy Birthday to You.” (Jack calls it Katroo) every single night. He has it memorized and can recite it along with you when you read it.

I wonder which, if any, memories will be remembered. At least this blog will help me remember them, even if they don’t.

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