Monster Truck Jam, again

Bounty Hunter stuck in an awkward position.

Bounty Hunter stuck in an awkward position.

Jack asked once again this year if he could take some friends to the Monster Truck Jam as one of his birthday presents.

This time he invited his buddies from school, Timmy and Kaden.

Although I couldn’t go, I heard the highlights. Apparently the first truck out, Bounty Hunter, got stuck on his hind wheels, facing straight up and they had no idea how to get him down.

The other highlight I heard was a Ben story. I’m sure if you are an avid reader of this blog, your not surprised there was a Ben incident.

It’s very loud at Monster Truck Jams, so you need ear plugs. Adam brought wax plugs for all. When they arrived he handed them out to everyone then went back to Ben and asked if he could shape them into his ears. No, he couldn’t. Why? Because Ben had already eaten them. Wax ear plugs are non toxic, by the way. In case you also live with a kid who thinks he’s a billy goat and eats everything in his path. Gum, sand from the beach, snow that has been trudged over, and now ear plug wax.

Ben's can't eat these ear covers!

Ben’s can’t eat these ear covers!

Kaden, Jack and Timmy

Kaden, Jack and Timmy

Later that evening I hitched a ride with my friend Laurie.

In Laurie's car. Josephine sandwiched by the twins.

In Laurie’s car. Josephine sandwiched by the twins.

I took the twins to their first play space. My friend Cindy had her son’s birthday at Wonder Works in Oak Park. It’s a cute little place, but it made me happy that I don’t have any older kids in the house right now that I feel the need to take places like this. It’s really quite difficult to do. Even with all my girlfriends being so helpful by holding a baby or two. So much easier to keep the twins in their own basement all day where the only people they have to contend with is each other.


Laurie and Cindy help hold the twins.

Jack and Mimi entertain Aaron

Jackie and Mimi entertain Aaron

Even Logan, soon to be big brother, helps out.

Even Logan, soon to be big brother, helps out.

I was ecstatic when Adam and the older boys showed up. In fact I was so ready for his help that I was standing at the door, a twin on each hip when he arrived. With all my girlfriends and husband there, I was able to eat the yummy, SPICY chili and homemade cookies and cuddle my favorite snuggle bunny…

Hugga Hugga with Ben

Hugga Hugga with Ben

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