Potty Training Regression

For the past 4 days Ben has pooped somewhere that was not the toilet. Three days in his underwear which was all pretty nasty to clean, even though I just threw the underwear out immediately without trying to save it. The fourth time was tonight, in the bathtub.

I have no idea why it’s occurring, the internet tells me that these things happen when kids are stressed or go through changes in their lives. Common examples given were house change, new siblings, new school or pregnancy. I’m pretty sure it’s none of these things. Please god don’t tell me I’m pregnant again!

I’m just going to throw everything I can at it and hope to fix the problem. The star chart, the candy bribe, the forced sitting on the potty a few times a day.

I’m also going to try my hardest to figure out why. If I know the root of the problem, maybe this whole thing can go away before I, I mean he, eats an entire bag of Costco sized M & Ms like the first time we, I mean he, potty trained.

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