Planetarium Field Trip

When did School Buses Get Seat Belts?!

A few weeks ago I opened Jack’s backpack and read the notes from the teacher. There was a field trip on January 28th to the Shedd Aquarium.

“Always a busy place”, I thought. “I must ask if my sitter is available for me to chaperone.

Next I opened Ben’s backpack and found a note from his teachers. There was a field trip, also on January 28th, to the Planetarium.

Well between the two kids, which one stood a better chance of getting lost? I chose Ben.

The night before the trip Jack asked Adam why I was going with Ben and not him. I felt terrible. Torn between two kids, not to mentioned the other two I was leaving behind for the day. It made me realize that these sort of conflicts will be a problem over and over again in the future.

Picking Veggies. And for some unknown reason Steak Sauce.

As for Ben’s trip, as usual the other chaperones were assigned multiple kids. I only had Ben to watch. He’s still quite a hand full.

His teacher told me of another classic Ben moment. The day before he had grabbed her boob and asked if she fed babies milk from them!

It was nice to spend the day with Ben, exclusively. One on one time is a rare commodity for a mom of four.

We all watched the Sesame Street show with the entire class, then played in the Planet Explorers kids area. We had a sack lunch then headed back to the classroom.

I let Ben stay at school to nap. I also used the time to nap myself.

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