Clogged Milk Ducts

I’m not sure why this is happening to me so many more times than it did with Ben and Jack. But twice since I’ve been back from Florida I’ve had a two clogged milk ducts. That makes three total. With Jack and Ben I only had one each.

I’ve read that if you don’t feed regularly it can happen. I’m pretty sure my feeding schedule is not regular. Sometimes I use formula, sometimes I breast feed, I go a long period in the afternoon when I pick up the older kids without pumping or breast feeding. I don’t think about it that much and perhaps I should. Or as Adam says, I could just stop breast feeding all together.

The first one I could see because there was a huge white spot on my nipple. It was painful and made my boob lumpy, but when I pumped, it umlumped me a bit. Within a few days of worry, hot showers and continuously putting cabbage leaves in my bra, it passed. There is still a white spot, but the boob produces well and now causes no pain.

Yes, cabbage leaves, people. My sister told me about it. It works. But I have no idea why. And neither does anyone on the internet. She also told me to take a needle to that white spot and pick it out. I just didn’t have the courage for that.

Yesterday the other boob started acting up. I woke up in pain. It was lumpy and I could not find any white dot. I still had the head of cabbage, so I put leaves in my bra all day. I tried a shower so hot that my skin was pink afterwards. I even laid down downstairs on my stomach for an hour while Adam put the older kids to bed with my boob soaking in a bowl of hot water.

It was sore all day and I went to bed last night in pain and not feeling well, thinking I’d need to call the doctor in the morning. It was probably infected. More mastitis. And more Augmentin. I was too tired to think about how tired that medicine made me last time.

I nurse Sam at 2am on the clogged breast, and changed the cabbage leaf. In the morning it was still sore, but less so. I nursed again, then pumped. Then, after reading on the internet to take some medicine that reduced inflammation, I very happily found my prescription ibuprofen left over from the twins c-section. Took that and a nap with the twins in the morning. Rest was another thing important to unclogging a milk duct. I had to giggle at that suggestion.

Even less lumpy and painful now. I think I’ve managed to avoid a trip to the doctor and more antibiotics. If so, I promise to drink alcohol every night in celebration of my freedom…

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2 thoughts on “Clogged Milk Ducts

  1. I had a plugged duck early on with Miller. Another suggestion was to let gravity work it out. I think it was actually called, “The Dangle Method”. Basically, breast feed the child lower than usual so that the sucking and gravity can work together to unplug it. That, along with rest, hot showers, and cabbage worked for me too. Good luck!

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