Reality Check

I didn’t take long for me to leave the social and shared life we led in Florida to a bubble more like the one I live in here in Chicago.

After the kids went to bed on Sunday night I decided to run over to Whole Foods for a quick shop.

I had been craving a glass of nice red wine for a few nights now and remembered that Whole Foods had a bar. And also remembered seeing people drinking and shopping. I decided to have a glass while shopping. What a great way to multi-task!

It wasn’t until I got into the brightly lit store and realized that I would be the only one drinking and shopping at 9pm on a Sunday night, and that people who drink and shop don’t do it alone. Isn’t one of the signs of an alcoholic? Drinking alone? And to do it in public? With a cart full of baby food? And the sweet potato stained shirt that I didn’t have time to change before I left? Thank goodness no one here knew I’ve been wearing that shirt for 2 days!

Mental note to self: Must get out more.

And to follow up on sleep training – Yesterday Adam asked Angelica to come early so I could sleep. I slept the first nap with the twins, then a 2 hour nap while Angelica was here. That evening I was only woken twice. Once by Ben at 11:45, and Adam went into his room. Then again by Sam at 4am. Aaron slept from 7 to 7! Sam woke up at 6am for the morning. It was a great night. I just hope it continues…

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