In the airport back from Florida Ben decides clothing is optional.

Ben is at the age where some really crazy stuff comes out of his mouth. He is one super articulate little dude, so lately we’ve been getting a lot of “Ben-isms”.

In fact I’ve come to the realization that hanging out with him is not that dissimilar to being around a little mini alcoholic all day long. His drink of choice being juice. He doesn’t slur, but instead adds a ‘W’ to all his words. Girls become Gwirls. Chocolate becomes Chwoclate. Much like someone who has had too much to drink, he doesn’t make sense sometimes. When he’s tired it’s like he’s had too much and he’s belligerent. But when he’s happy he is the perfect drunk, hilarious and super fun to be around.


Ben, “Where to you work, Mom?”

Me, “I don’t work Ben.”

Ben, “You work at home, Mom.”

Me, “Yes, I guess you could look at it that way.”

Ben, “You work on the computer,Mom.”

Jack, “You buy stuff on the computer for work.”


Ben, pointing to his solar planet book, “What planet is this?”

Me, “Uranus”

Ben, “Uranus?”

Adam, behind me, “Uranus. Bah ha ha ha.”

Ben, “What else does it say?”

Me, “It says Uranus emits green and blue gasses.”

Ben, “Mommy, why are you laughing? And crying?”

Recently, in Florida…

Me, “We are going to a different supermarket. It’s not Dominicks, it’s Publix.”

Ben, “No, no! It’s not Publix, it’s the re-publix, for which it stands.”

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