Ear infection

I have so much to write about, so many things I want to say about Disney. How happy it made the kids, what an incredible experience it was, how we learned so much more about who Jack is. (Ben shows his emotions, wants and needs more openly than Jack).

Adam and I felt like we were on the other side of an acid trip afterwards.

I’ll get a “Disney dos and don’ts” blog out soon.

But for now I wanted to say it is with great joy and guilt that we finally figured out why Sam has keen keeping us up all night. And was cranky all day. I feel bad we didn’t get him checked earlier, but I’m pleased we didn’t take him on an airplane in this state. He has an ear infection.

Last night my mom babysit while Adam and went out on our last date night for the vacation. We wanted to have a drink and sit outside, soaking up the warmth.

When we returned mom said Sam woke around 11. She fed him 4 ounces but he still cried for 20 minutes until he finally went to bed. By 1:30 he was crying again. I tried breast feeding but he refused.  At 2am I was holding him in bed. He was still crying. Adam reached over and noticed he felt hot. Throughout this whole trip Adam has commented on Sam not acting like himself. He even had me get my friend Jessica’s pediatrician’s number so we could take him in. I thought he was just tired. And becoming more assertive with his wants. After feeling his temperature, Adam decided to take Sam to the emergency room.l

They returned shortly before 6am with medicine. Just in time for Ben to wake up for the morning!

Adam was exhausted, so I strapped one baby to me and held the other one on the side and ushered the other two boys to breakfast. Could I handle 4 kids at breakfast alone?

I was not the only one who had doubts. A grandmother with two sets of twins in her family hovered over us, scared to leave me alone.

I’m pleased to say they are all back in the hotel room now. Accounted for and tummies full.

I’m even more pleased that I have a husband who has the good sense to knows when the kids aren’t right and how to fix it. I feel terrible that I didn’t listen to him when he suggested we take Sam to the pediatrician’s last week. Poor little guy suffered longer than he should have.

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