The twins have reached an age where they have two distinct naps. They nap best in a crib. Good naps ensure happy babies, happy babies ensure a good vacation.  So twice a day we’ve been holed up in the hotel while they nap.

Sometimes Adam works or goes for a run. Sometimes I run an errand or sleep. Sometimes one of us takes the older boys out to a park. The naps keep all the outings short. I was worried this might be a bad thing, being so limited and scheduled. But in fact having so much forced down time has been a blessing.

One thing I realized it that it’s not about being somewhere fancy. It’s about time spent with your family. Hanging out connecting. Having enough time together so those random memories can occur. The ones where you share a learning experience with your child. Or see them master a new skill with pride. Or have a moment where you find yourself rolling on the floor with laughter.

Many afternoons, after the twins second nap, we find ourselves at my father’s house for a swim. We leave the twins at his house and Adam and I take the older boys to the pool. Between naps and meals we have less than an hour to pal around but each we time we go it leaves us all giddy. Essentially it’s like bathing in a large, chlorinated tub. We hardly bring any toys, yet we never get bored. There is a lot you can do with a big tub of water! Again it made me realize sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make it great.

Auntie Doris feeds the twins so the other Calisoffs can enjoy dinner with my father.

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