The Ferraris

Romper Room at Jess’

One on my favorite things about visiting Florida is getting to see the Ferraris. I have been friends with Jessica since my freshman year high school. We have many memories together, but none is more dear to me than when she married Adam and I in a beautiful, musical, joyful ceremony on the beach at sunset.

Me & Jess

Miraculously we have managed to have kids around the same time. Her oldest is Ben’s age. Her youngest is only 4 months older than the twins. Visiting her house is like an oasis in the dessert of tshatshkes that fill both my parents houses.

Jessica’s parents, Byron and Ann Turnoff with Sadie and Eliana

It’s hilarious to watch the older kids interact. They sat at the kids table, telling butt jokes. Sadie made googlie eyes at Jack. Ben made googlie eyes at Sadie. It was a little love triangle that I fear will repeat itself many times over the next 15 years.

Collaborative Lego building.

It’s adults only tonight for New Year’s at the Ferraris. After the babies woke us up all night last night, I hope Adam and I can make it to midnight!

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