Trip to Florida

I know it’s going to make us sound crazy. Attempting a plane ride, car rental and hotel for our family of so many small children. The combined age of all four kids is only 9!

The text messages back and forth from my friend Jessica had me thinking that way. She is a mom of 2 girls, who recently travelled to Chicago with her husband and kids. She wrote after her own plane ride, “Please tell me you and Adam have another adult traveling with you.”

Luggage for 6, minus 2 strollers

No we didn’t. I was wondering if we would be seen with pity, awe, or distain from our fellow travellers. Perhaps it was the holiday spirit but everyone was super nice. About ten times in the airport someone said, “You really have your hands full.”

How we looked in the airport

Yes we did! Not just our hands but our backs, our chests carried a babies as well. Jack pushed Ben in a stroller.

The logistics were pretty intense. Two days of packing, our sitter had to drive us to the airport where we curb checked the bags.

Santa makes a random appearance on the tarmac

The plane ride went remarkably well, thanks to the world of electronics! Both Jack and Ben stayed in their seats watching their movies and getting plowed with snacks. Adam and I juggled the twins.

On the way out of the airport we needed two carts to get our stuff to the rental car shuttle, then another two to get us to the counter.

Nothing better than arriving in South Florida. There are things that you can only see here. Like the woman with an exploding muffin top, skinny jeans, a see through lace white top and florescent blue bra underneath.

Since the flight was delayed, by the time we got to the hotel, 3 out of 4 kids were asleep. We managed by 11pm to get them all in their jammies, teeth brushed and back asleep. I was so tired near the end that I was having trouble figuring out how to put the sheets on the pack and plays. The dehydration head ache from breast feeding and flying didn’t help.

There was also moment after we’d gotten in the rental car and were congratulating ourselves for a job well done where Ben started melting down. We still hadn’t had dinner and because it was Christmas Eve, even MacDonalds was closed. We finally found a supermarket that was closing in 10 minutes and grabbed something quick. Aaron had a monster poop up the back and through the pants. We were doling out processed ‘Lunchables’ for the kids and I was changing Aaron in the front seat of the car. I was so tired I felt like just putting him back in his car seat in his diaper. But the moment was white trashy enough so I mustered up the energy to find clothes and dress him. Ben fell asleep ten minutes later with his entire meal in front of him.

The hard part came later, when Sam decided to wake up every hour and 30 minutes crying. Surprisingly it didn’t wake up any of the other kids.

Mirrors, Hours of entertainment for the twins at our hotel

It was all worth it this morning, though. We got our free hotel breakfast and, after putting the twins to sleep for their morning nap, I took the older boys out to enjoy the sunshine. Adam was stuck in the room working. Hopefully the run he’s taking now while I’m sitting here blogging will make it finally seem like he’s on holiday.

Fun in the warm Florida Sun, Patch Reef Park

Only in Boca.

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2 thoughts on “Trip to Florida

  1. We just flew with Delilah (16 months) back and forth to Kansas City (only 3 hour flight) and it was a nightmare!! Do not attempt to do this next year as at least one if not both of your twins will terrorize everyone on the plane as sweet little Delilah did.

  2. Hope you are enjoying FL!!! We always travel with the kids and it’s a hrd travel day, but so worth it when we get there…..can’t wait to browse through more of your photos! Happy New Year! Heres to more sleep for you in 2013 🙂

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