Thanksgiving 2012

I woke this morning with a bout of mastitis. My right breast was lumpy and sore. A hot shower and long pumping session did nothing to relieve the pain. I remember my friend Jennie telling me she tried to eradicate mastitis herself. She ended up with only one producing boob, which made her quite lopsided. I know breast feeding is going to make me saggy, but lopsided and saggy is too much!

So I called the doctor right away and got a prescription for antibiotics. I’m already feeling a bit better tonight.

This year we kept Thanksgiving small, just my mother and Adam’s mother and her husband. Five adults and four children.

Swinging at Oz Park

It freed us up to play in the park on this glorious morning. We ended up serendipitously meeting our friends the Bransfields. They also have 4 kids and together decided to picnic lunch. We were quite a show of force with our two families and five strollers between us. The only place open was McDonalds, the kids were in heaven.

I’d love to paint a Norman Rockwell picture of our dinner, but the truth is that Jack and Ben were little terrors. We spend most of the evening telling them to sit down and eat. But otherwise I’d say the evening was a success.

We cooked the turkey on the barbecue to free up the oven. Which we filled with stuffing, corn pudding, sweet potatoes roasted with a bit of honey and olive oil, roasted brussel sprouts. Mom whipped up a cranberry relish the day before. Adam’s mom brought apple pie.

We have so much to be Thankful for!

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