Halloween 2012

Trick or Treating with the Piercys

The Avenger’s movie really had it’s effect this year. Fake muscles were everywhere! Other top costumes for boys were ninja’s and Harry Potter. Seems like the girls were less trendy. Princesses, a classic favorite pick, were everywhere.

The older boys stayed out a bit longer this year. They got so much candy that they filled both their buckets and the huge back pack that Adam carried on his shoulders.

As usual we held our annual Halloween party. This year we had a taco bar for the adult and mummy dogs for the kids. The mummy dogs were actually such a big hit with both adults and kids that I’m thinking of making them a Halloween staple. Cindy and Mike brought both a cookie cake and a Halloween cake which added to the spread nicely.

We emptied out the spare bedroom and put up a hanging tent. We added a bunch of ghouls given to us by Bubbie. We cracked up a ton of glow stick wands and necklaces to spread around. Finally Adam installed some flashing colored lights.

Jack and Ben ran wild. I think Ben must have eaten an entire bag of candy himself while none of the adults were watching! The babies did really well. Angelica and our friend Jackie they made sure they were carried around like the little princes they are all night.

The back room ghouls

Cindy’s cookie cake and Mike’s Halloween cake

Cake massacre (Pam and I were trying to see what was inside, but the knife broke!)

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3 thoughts on “Halloween 2012

  1. Thanks Nikki and Adam! Your Halloween party is such a special event..the kids have a blast, and everyone has a home base to hang out and catch up! Can’t imagine Halloween done any other way!

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