The Great Candy Shuffle

This weekend and next week is basically an exercise in candy shuffling.

Adam took a trip to Costco yesterday and bought NINE Costco size bags of candy. That’s 45 pounds of candy! To give Jack some perspective on this, I explained to him that when I weighted him yesterday, he weighted 48 pounds, or nine and a half bags of candy.

Six of the Nine Bags we bought.

This morning we stuffed bags of candy for both Jack and Ben to give out at school on Halloween.

I think Adam is the only one stuffing bags, everyone else is just stuffing their faces!

And this afternoon we trick or treated at the shops in our neighborhood, where we got back more candy.

On Wednesday Jack and Ben will bring more candy home from school. That evening we’ll give out huge amounts of candy to trick or treaters, only to have our own kids come back with bagfuls of their own candy.

I’m not sure if we buy more candy than we give out or vice versa. And I’m not sure what the winning side of that equation is either. All I know for sure is that my new diet starts November 1st.

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