Halloween Activities at School

Today Ben had a couple of halloween activities at school that I was lucky enough to enjoy with him.

First was the Haunted Gingerbread House activity. Another amazing thing about Ben’s new preschool is how many fun activities they do for the kids! Whenever the lights went out they were allowed to eat one piece of candy. I also let Ben lick himself clean…

Afterwards they treated us to a Halloween performance. Can you spot Ben?

If you haven’t seen him yet, perhaps you are setting your sights (and your standards!) too high. Look lower, and further back. He’s laying on the floor behind all the other performers. Every other kid is standing nicely on the dot that the drama teacher laid out.

Another thing I love about Ben’s new teachers is, after his appalling performance, the head teacher came up to me and jokingly said, “He did pretty well today today.”

Then we both had a giggle.

Oddly, after the ‘performance’ where he refused to stand up on stage so I could see him, Ben insisted on coming down from the stage so I could take a picture of him. Drives me nuts when he’s completely in his own world instead of the world of pre-k, but he’s so darn cute it’s hard to be angry for long…

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