Long Grove Apple Festival

Today our friends Morgan and Jamie (mostly Morgan – okay, it was just Morgan) arranged for us to meet up, along with the Harradines, at the Long Grove Apple Fest.

At first glance I was worried that there would be nothing for the kids to do but eat, eat, and eat. Which takes them about 5 minutes. I was also worried about a long drive in the car with the twins. Anything that long would have been cause for wailing when the twins were Jack’s age.

So we packed up, Calisoff style. Double stroller, wagon, cooler full of drinks, snacks, formula, blankets, jackets, change of clothes for four kids, soccer ball, camera, diapers, DVDs for the ride.

By 9am we were on our way. As usual the twins surprised me with their easy going natures. They both slept peacefully in the car ride there and very considerately woke as we were parking the car.

The ride was also surprisingly short. Less than 45 minutes! No one had time to pee in their pants or even finish their Thomas the Train movie.

Adam and I both carried a baby. Adam also dragged two more kids in the wagon.

It’s true, the festival was filled with food. We partook in large amounts. We personally sampled apple cider donuts, potato pancakes, kebabs, corn dogs, corn on the cob, and a rib sandwich. Adam took the boys to the candy store. Twice.

They beg and plead to go on, then look so stoic when they ride!

But there was a lot of other fun things for kids to do too. They had a kiddie section with carousel, bouncy house, inflatable slide, and train. They also had live music in two different places. Ben spent a lot of time dancing. Jack, Dylan and Ethan found a patch of grass and kicked the soccer ball around. Us adults had plenty of time to sit and chat. Morgan, Jamie, Michelle and Rick all took turns helping us with the kids. It would have been impossible to visit a festival like this enjoyably without their help. Plus it was fun to visit with them!

In fact, we never made it to the back half of the festival. I heard there were art tents set up and kids face painting. I guess we’ll have to go back again next year. Morgan informed us that there is a strawberry festival and a chocolate festival too. CHOCOLATE! I’m in.

Family Photo

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