I thought we were having a good night last night, but I guess not.

As usual, Sam was crying at 2:30am for his first feed. Adam and I were asleep by 10pm, and since Anjelica had both the twins down before 7pm I didn’t consider this a bad night.

Shortly after, or maybe because Sam’s cry is so harrowing, Aaron was up. I dumped Sam back in the crib by 3am and switched to Aaron.

While feeding him I heard Jack wake and go into our bedroom. “Oh well, I thought, I guess I’m on the couch for the rest of the night.” 

I put Aaron back in the crib and curled up on the couch. Before I drifted into a heavy sleep, I heard Ben crying. Then I heard the pitter patter of running feet down the hall. I intercepted him and brought him back to his room. Lucky me, his bed is much more comfortable than the couch!

Sam was up again at 4:30 for another feed. I fed him, put him back in the crib and went back to Ben’s bed.

I was up by 6:15 with Sam for the morning.

I found out from Adam later that Jack had once again peed his bed in the night and come into our bedroom. Adam woke later to a warm sensation on his back, Jack had peed all over him in his sleep, shogun style, around 5am. Apparently he was snoring the whole time. Not only did he insult Adam with such an audacious act, but he then woke up shortly afterwards and refused to go back to bed.

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