Last Beach Day

I’ve heard from older parents that when your kids get close to leaving home for college, you are as ready for them to leave as they are. Seems like the anticipation of change brings discontent for the current situation.

I guess this is also so with other changes in life. Perhaps that is why, after we finished our last beach day of the summer, something we looked forward too all week, we were all ready for it to end.

On the few days I didn’t organize a play date for Jack in the last month, he said he was bored and asked when school was starting.

Angus, Tim and Jack

I know I’m salivated at the thought of a regular schedule. At the chance of going to the gym and working out a bit. Of being able to go to the grocery store without having to hire help to do it (and still take a few kids with me!).

The only thing I’m nervous about it how long I’ll be away from Ben. I’m already used to the separation between Jack and I, Jack’s been in school for two years. But Ben? Beside a few trips to the gym day care and time spent with his father, he’s never been separated from me. All of a sudden we’ll be apart 5 days a week for 8 hours a day. I can’t believe I won’t have his incessant babbling in my ear all day anymore. Or see his smiling face all day long.

Ben eating a sand “ice cream” cone. Maybe next year he won’t eat fistfuls of sand every time we go to the beach?

Luckily I have the twins to distract me for the time being. I can’t stand to think of what it will feel like to have them go to school.

Sam and Aaron have started to play with toys!

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