The Burger Bar

A parking lot with a view

Tonight after my father spent two full days in our tomblike house, we decided to venture out for dinner at The Burger Bar. It’s one of our favorite local spots and we just found out they have al fresco dining. Okay, it’s outdoor seating. In a parking lot. But the views are still pretty spectacular.

I’m not eating much meat these days. But after reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma, I appreciate it when a place serves grass fed beef. And they do it well here. This month’s special was actually a ground, grass fed beef burger with a grass fed piece of steak ON TOP.

As usual, my excessive husband ordered everything the kids asked for and more…

How many drinks does Ben need?

Thank goodness for doggie bags. And to go cups. I carried my extra wine home in one of Ben’s many plastic cups shown above. They’ve got a great pinot noir as well, if that’s your thing. Adam swears by the beer list as well.


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