An Aqua Vacation

The Aqua Building

Today my friend Pam invited us to her father’s pool. It’s not just any pool. He lives in the Aqua building.

I was super excited to see it because I once watched an hour long special about the planning of this building. I never told anyone that before because it sound so dorky, but now I’m openly jealous of my former self. I’d never have time to do that now!

I didn’t realize that the building shares the pool with the Radisson. As such, it was more like a hotel pool, complete with cabanas and a pool bar that opens on the weekends.

They also have a great kiddie pool that Jack and mostly Ben can stand in. It’s a lot less stressful swimming with your kids once their toes can touch the bottom. It’s amazing how much fun can be had in a big tub of water and a few toys.

Kiddie Pool

This morning I really felt like I was on vacation. With my Dad and Kristen there I was able to relax a bit and chat to my friends.

Even Dad catches some shut eye!

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