Twin’s New Sleep Patterns

My little twin’s sleep patterns continue to amaze me.

Last night they very courteously were in their cribs at 8pm and slept there, together, until 3am. Then I was able to feed them tandem, diaper them, and chuck them back in their cribs by 3:30am. The next one didn’t wake again until 6:30am.

Unlike the first two kids, the twins must be put down. I can’t walk around holding both all day like I used to. And you know what? Babies can be put down! In swings, in bouncy chairs, in car seats, on play mats, and even laying on your bed watching the ceiling fan…

Ceiling Fans are Mesmerizing

For the first time in over 2 months I woke up in my own bed instead of on the couch with one or more babies sleeping on top of me. At 5:45am, when Ben woke up and crawled in. He fell right back asleep in my arms and it was lovely to be able to give him some of the attention he has been craving so badly since the twins were born.

I’m a happy mom this morning. Let’s hope it lasts. It’s a half day for Kristen and Bubbie is at the hospital with Grandpa Bill so I’m on my own this afternoon. Calisoff kids be kind to me today!

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