Twin Personalities Emerging

Whenever you have two of something, you can’t help but compare. I hear over and over again from people with twins how their kids are opposites, like two halves of a whole.

Who are you, little dude?

Every day I stare at these little creatures that have blessed our lives and think, “Who are you?”

Sam is proving to be quite a strong character. His wide forehead and full sweeping hairline have earned him the nickname “The Politician”. He is always hungry. When I mix formula for the two boys I double the amount for Sam. He’ll finish it all off in a few seconds. Often I see him with clenched fists, fidgeting erratically. Adam says when he cries it sounds like someone is sawing his arm off. I have a feeling he will be a very feisty personality. Lord help me!

Aaron on the other hand has a small, delicate little face. His forehead is framed with a widows peak. I hardly see him clench his hands into fists, instead they look like they are doing tai chi, slowly moving in the air with a calm, steady rhythm.  When he cries he sounds like a baby lamb, and often he can sooth himself without help. Will his brother overshadow him in the future, I wonder?

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