School Carnival

Japo watches the Twins

With both my mother and mother in law in tow Saturday afternoon we headed to Jack’s school carnival.

So many helpers meant I was actually able to have my hands free and chat to some of the other parents. Okay, I’m not sure I needed all the extra help, but it did assuage my guilt. While standing with a group of parents, I noticed Adam across the lawn, a baby strapped to his chest in a bjorn, with Ben on his shoulders while holding Jack’s hand for a carnival game.

Jack Plays all the Carnival Games

It was a perfect day, weather wise. Jack was having a blast. Both kids had napped that afternoon and were full of energy. Adam took them to the shoe store to get new shoes and Jack raced around the play ground showing everyone just how fast his new shoes were. Ben preferred to snack his way through the carnival – popcorn, hot dog, ice cream, cotton candy.

My mother said it reminded her of the days when we was in elementary school at Addison Mizner. They would have end of the year carnivals to celebrate. I don’t remember any of them, but you’ll bet I won’t forget taking my kids to their school carnivals. In some ways I think it’s more fun to watch your kids have fun then it ever was to actually have fun as a kid…

Bubbie joins us at the Carnival


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