A Lazy Saturday

Saturday was such an easy day that by the end of it I wondered why I ever complained so much when I just had Jack. Infants are easy compared to a 2 and 5 year old!

Adam took my sister to the airport in the morning. I cried when she left. Not only am I going to miss her cheery attitude and clever wit, but I’m really going to miss her hands on, 24 hour help. She was up most nights with me juggling babies. All I did was feed, she would burp, change diapers, and hold the baby I wasn’t feeding. She took Ben out every morning to the park. Every afternoon she and Ben would picked up Jack and let them play at the school playground for a few hours so I could rest. I was nervous to be in my own house without her!

Luckily it’s the weekend so Adam is here. After the airport he took the older boys to a place called 2 Toot’s Train Whistle Grill. It was all the way in Bartlett, but since they were half way there after taking my sister to the airport, it seemed like a fun, different thing to do. After hearing about their day I was again saddened they we don’t all travel around as one big happy family anymore, it’s become a divide and conquer strategy. I’m sure it’s temporary, but I miss palling around with the older kids and Adam.

Train that Delivers the Food

The food is served to you via train. If you order dessert, you get a little train whistle. If you order ten desserts, you can trade your train whistles in for a conductor’s hat.

They were out of the house all day. Which left Mom and I at home with the twins.

We took them for a leisure morning stroll, otherwise I was able to rest and relax while they slept and fed most of the day. Mom held any baby that happened to fuss. I didn’t even have to make dinner. Another neighbor brought buy a huge pasta, meat and cheese bake with bread! Thank you Susie!

Susie Linker's Pasta Bake

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