More Help Arrives

Books before Bed

More help arrived last night. Mom’s flight arrived at Midway at 5:45pm. Between baby feedings, dinner and baths for the older kids, and the time it would take to drive to the airport in rush hour traffic and back I asked Mom take the Orange line in. Even with my sister here I’m still so overwhelmed! I wonder if it will ever get to the point where I feel confident covering 4 kids on my own?

I wasted no time putting everyone to work. After the last feed of the night I dumped a baby on Mom and one on Lara and went to bed. It was nice not to have to sooth the babies to sleep. I just got in bed and passed out.

Feeding Sam

Other than waking up soaked and shivering in a post pregnancy sweat, it was a good night.

The new bottle I bought for Aaron worked. He sucked down almost 4 ounces of breast milk and slept two 4 hour stretches. Sam gave me 5 hours. As a result I only had to feed Aaron at 1am then again at 5am. Sam fed at 2:30am and again at 5am. I was never able to get either Jack or Ben to feed less than 3 hours a go for at least 8 months, so to have a night like that when they are only 3 weeks old is a miracle in my mind. I’m sure it won’t continue but I will take anything I can get!

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2 thoughts on “More Help Arrives

  1. Hey Nikki, it will get better. It will just take awhile.
    Don’t worry, in a year or so you will be able to easily handle them all 🙂
    Don’t forget, this is by far the hardest time.

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