Brit Shalom

It has occurred to me that this month marks the one year birthday of my blog.

It amazes me how it has taken form. How much it has changed and how it continues to surprise me.

My readership continues to grow. It’s still a small amount of people reading it, but in the beginning I was lucky to get 8 visitors a day. Now it’s more like 30 people a day. Last week I had a surge of over 100 people on one particular day.

That same day, I also received my first comments from someone I didn’t know and it wasn’t computer generated spam.

I wasn’t sure what I should do with it, should I trash it or accept it? In the end I realized I had finally hit on a topic that people cared about. A controversial topic that effected people outside of my circle of friends. So I accepted the comments, though one upset me a bit.

The two comments were for my Double Bris blog.

One was not very nice, something about our poor children being born to parents who were willing to mutilate them. But one peaked my interest. It talked about a more progressive way to have a Bris. They call it a Brit Shalom. It is a ceremony for Jews who don’t believe in circumcision. It really made me think about a religious ritual that I always assumed was essential.

There a whole movement out there of people who are changing their thoughts about circumcision. You can read more about it here… Jews Against Circumcision.

Obviously it’s too late to do anything different. And even so I’m not sure if I would change my mind. But it really got me thinking about the practice of circumcision. What was the reason for it? And was it still necessary?

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3 thoughts on “Brit Shalom

  1. Hi Girl. I am so glad your sister is there to help. Give her a hug from me. Love the celebration of the 1 year blog. “Your nobody until somebody sends you hate mail” —kidding but it is sort of nice to know that others are reading. Child rearing is not unlike politics and religion. EVERYBODY has different advice and viewpoints as you know, so hopefully you can let it roll off your back but don’t think it’s just related to Jewish people. We tossed and turned with the idea of circumcision ourselves and finally decided no if we were to have a boy but it’s a personal decision.
    Cathy turned to Jack Newman for advice and help with her twins. and he emailed her back personally.
    I wish I was closer to hug those babies and give you some relief. Maybe after we get settled in CA (end of June) I can come to Chicago and help.

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