First Baseball Game

Jack had his first baseball game today. I wasn’t sure how it would work out, since none of the boys could actually catch the ball or throw it with much accuracy. And they certainly didn’t understand the rules.

When we arrived the other team was lined up and practicing. They looked like stiff competition for a bunch of five year olds! I was worried that we didn’t coach Jack enough.

In the end none of it mattered. More practice didn’t equated to a better team. In fact, not being able to throw or catch worked in the both team’s favor, since that meant no one was tagged out and everyone got a home run.

Essentially, our team batted our kids and ran all the bases while the other team stood on the field. Then the other team batted all their kids and ran the bases while our team stood on the field.

It was so cute to watch, all of them so proud in their uniforms! Even knowing that Jack didn’t understand so much of it, I still couldn’t help yelling at Jack to run faster and giving the high five afterwards.

I realized today a sad but inevitable fact. I will be unable to help myself – I will be one of those crazy, screaming moms in the bleachers at all my kids games.

Angus, Jack and Grant in the Line Up

Batting with the help of Coach Mike

Jack's Loyal Fans

Good Game!

Good Game! (Jack is number 2)


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