Museum of Science and Industry

Museum of Science and Industry with Kevin

Our cousin Kevin’s visit from Florida prompted us to leave our winter house bound cocoon and do something fun. We headed to the Museum of Science and Industry this morning.

I love this museum. I’ve been so many times and I still haven’t seen all of it. I think for the age my kids are at, most of the exhibit’s meanings are lost on them. Still there are plenty of buttons and levers for them to play with, even if they don’t get the full understanding.

They also have a room called the ‘Ideas Factory’ that is exclusively for kids. It’s pretty cool but be sure to bring another set of clothes. Your kids will get soaked!

We paid $180 for the doctorate level membership. It includes two adults, one guest and all children for admission. You also get passes to most special exhibitions, free and unlimited Omnimax tickets, free coat check and stroller service, free exclusive use of the Members’ Lounge, 10% discount in Museum stores and restaurants and most importantly FREE parking.

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