5 is a Magical Number

Besides the first birthday, which was such a milestone for me, no other birthday has made me reflect, cry, and rejoice as much as Jack turning five today.

It’s a magical number.

All of a sudden, he’s dressing himself every day. He’s feeding himself and eating consistent meals. He wants to be helpful and actually is. Not every night, but more and more he sleeps through the entire night without waking us up. He can write his own name. Sort of.

I’m starting to understand why school starts at age five. They are like little people!

You can start to do all the fun stuff. Disney, skiing, organized sports! You are no longer tied to naps or a stroller.

Sometimes I watch him carefully eating his soup without spilling it, amazed how much he’s grown. It makes me want to cry how quickly it all happened. Then, two seconds later he’ll be upset because his lovey, “Favorite Teddy”, isn’t in his bed to sleep with him and I’ll sigh with relief. He’s still just a boy.

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