Monster Truck Jam

Calisoffs and Camerons

Saturday Adam took the boys and their friends to a Monster Truck Rally.

It was one of those things in life you never imagine paying money for. Or ever imagine anyone you know paying money for. Or can even fathom why they would be doing it.

But I think it’s cool that Adam was willing to make the extra effort for Jack. He is really into monster trucks lately. We have a bin full of them. His birthday theme this year is monster trucks. He likes to watch monster trucks on TV.

So Saturday I found myself with a whole day to myself while the boys went and did boy things. Hmmm, another pro to having all boys?!

Mohawk Warrior Jumping

Surprisingly, even Ben sat without much squirming, riveted by the show. Immediately afterwards Jack asked if he could go again the next year.

The event was held at the Allstate Arena. The price for the tickets were $20 for adults and $10 for kids. Parking was another $20. And four bags of cotton candy for the boys? $60! Feed them before they go!

Don’t forget your ear plugs!

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