Strep Throat

Well, looks like a father’s instinct (but not necessarily a mother’s!) is the best radar.

This past month Adam made me bring Ben to the doctor’s office three times.

Ben has been coughing most of the month and not sleeping well at all as a result. Twice we went to have his throat checked, his lungs listened to and his ears looked at. Twice we were told everything looked good and it was probably just a cold.

Maybe all the night waking was due to the transition from crib to bed, I thought?

This morning Ben woke with a rash all over his body. Two days before that he was plagued with red splotches. I was sure he had allergies. Adam thought it was something else.

So, we headed to the doctors office this morning. I stayed in the waiting room with Jack watching family after family get called in and leave. Ben was still in there. Not good.

They took the strep test and it was positive. Apparently you can have strep but not have any obvious symptoms. The only way to tell is to take the test. The doctor said strep with a rash is quite advanced, a form of scarlet fever!

Adam came out to tell me. You should have seen the other mother’s in the waiting room shrink away from us in terror.

Jack was tested and came out negative.

Every person has their quirks. For example, I have a closet love of country music. Also I don’t like sharing food or drinks, even with your family members. Yes, I do see the weirdness – I can swap spit with my husband but don’t want to share his drink. But I actually think this quirk is served me well this time around! Now I just have to make it the 24 hour period until the antibiotics kick in and we are all safe. Strep while pregnant sounds scary…

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