A Visit to Bull Valley

I guess it’s true no matter where you live, but it’s very easy to forget there is a whole world out there that is very different to the life you are living right now.

It always surprises me when we drive out past the city limits just how much space, land and life there is teeming outside the city.

It was a very pleasant view from my car window when we arrived in Bull Valley this morning.

Tickle Torture

We were on our way to visit Jamie and Morgan, a couple who I’m not sure which one of our family members likes more. Lately it seems Jack and Ben are in stiff competition with us and they may be winning.

They bought a beautiful house five bedroom house on five acres of land in Bull Valley. Quite a change from city dwellings!

The kids ran themselves ragged and were both passed out almost the minute we left the driveway. Partly because Morgan and Jamie make such great play mates and partly because there is SO MUCH SPACE!

It was so peaceful and pretty I felt compelled to force a family photo…

FIVE acres! Nothing but nature for background.



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