Hanukkah 2011

Bubbie 18 again?

Last night we combined Hanukkah with Bubbie’s birthday. Bubbie cooked up her potato latkes. We lit many candles – on the menorah, on the birthday cake. We opened presents. We ate ice cream cake. It was double the celebration, and double the fun!

I never grew up celebrating Hanukkah, but I must say it’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite holidays.

I love how the kids open their toys over many days, so they can savor and enjoy each one.

I love that we get a few days of real days off over this time period. The rest of the country is celebrating Christmas – busy buying, wrapping, giving presents; busy cooking and traveling; busy church going. Busy, busy busy! For us, everything is closed. For us, there is no church, no family gathering. For us, there is no extensive, one day present giving. It forces us to just slow down and enjoy the precious gift of time. I can’t wait for this weekend to do… nothing.


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