Holiday Magic

This weekend we braved the cold to see another winter treat – Holiday Magic at the Brookfield Zoo. Like everything in the suburbs, it was bigger and more crowded than we are used to in the city.

Laser Light Show

We rode the carousel, watched some ice carving, played in a playground, saw a laser light show and got some dinner.

We missed a lot, like the Holly Jolly Theatre which looked very crowded, the Great Bear Wilderness exhibit which was too far to walk too, and the Children’s Zoo. I also read there would be a magic show but couldn’t find it anywhere.

It was cold out!

Unfortunately during dinner Ben started coughing while eating and threw up. All over me. It was time to go home. It always amazes me to see him vomit. So much liquid comes out. I just don’t understand where he’s storing it all!

Unless it warms up considerably, I’m not sure if I’ll go back. If I had the choice, I’d check out the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights again instead. I felt the light displays were better designed. Also the lay out of the Lincoln Park Zoo makes for a much more quaint experience.

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