Pregnancy Update – Week 17

They say everything happens earlier with twins. This week was no exception. For the first time I could feel the unmistakable flurry of movement on my belly. Oddly, most of the action was on my left side. Which makes me wonder about the position of the babies. They were transverse last time we had an ultrasound (one on top of the other). Perhaps they are both laying the same way and these are their four little feet, dancing an odd, jerky little tap dance on my left side.

I weighted in at 145. Which means I gained SIX pounds from my last weigh in a short two weeks ago. I bet my husband I would top his prediction for a 60 pound weight gain. Only 35 more pounds to go.

Mostly I’m just hoping I gain enough this time to see the bottom of my belly button. The first two pregnancies were such a tease. I waited and waited and waited but it never fully popped. This time it’s going to get the scrubbing of a lifetime.

This week I gave blood for the USA test. They send you the results by post so I’m hopeful I’ll have good news to report for next week’s update.

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