Eleven is the New Eight

I truly believe my husband is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.

But he does have one flaw.

He can’t count.

I’ve noticed it a number of times. Like when we took ballroom dancing classes for our wedding and he couldn’t count to four and move his feet accordingly. (I still feel bad about laughing at him for this. The dance instructor definitely thought I was a horribly insensitive person when I did it. And actually told me so.)

Now that our family is growing, the need for ballroom dancing has diminished considerably. But the counting is still a problem. Lately I’ve noticed the counting problem has transfered to counting the days of Hanukkah.

I thought there were eight. But every year in our house the amount changes, normally they get larger. So, before my husband went Hanukkah shopping this weekend, I told him, “Remember there are only eight days and our sisters and grandparents can cover some of them. So you only really need like, six days max”. You figure with two kids, that’s twelve presents.

Here is what he came home with…

The Hanukkah Loot

What will he do when we have four kids?!


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