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You ever have those moments as a parents where there is a situation in your house that you know is completely wrong but you lack the will power or knowledge to fix it?

My husband has been working long hours lately. He always works long hours, so when I am actually saying it’s long, it’s long. Last night was the earliest he’s been home in a at least a week. He got home at 10pm. It was only because he needed to get some sleep in before his 3am call with the UK.

But that is not the situation that needs fixing. I mean, I think he has a situation that obviously needs fixing at work but that’s not the situation that I’m talking about.

Here is my problem. Look at my schedule last night.

10 pm – Go to bed.

12:30 am  – Ben cries. Go into his room and fall asleep on the couch until…

1:30 am – Go back to my own bed.

2:15 am – Adam’s alarm goes off and he gets up to go to work.

3:30 am – Jack wanders into our room. I walk him back to his room and fall asleep in his bed.

4:30 am – I wake up in Jack’s room and go back to my own room.

5:15 am – Ben cries again. Back to his room and onto the couch again until he falls asleep.

6:00am – Jack finds me in Ben’s room and we are up for the morning.

First of all, you should not have a schedule at night!

Second of all, well, second of all… I’m just too tired to think of a second of all. But I’m sure it has something to do with me being weak to the crying or not giving in to just letting them sleep in our bed. Perhaps I’m just hoping when we bunk the boys together to make room for the twins it will work itself out somehow.

Ha ha ha. I’m laughing at myself even as I write this!

Okay. Ben is napping now and I think I’m going to do the same. I’m just going to pull a Scarlet O’hara on this problem and think about it tomorrow…

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